Who we are

Our Story

Our company was created 28 years ago with a single aspiration: to teach languages in a highly personalized way, with direct interaction with our students, and actively engaging in their progress.

The current times and technological advancements have kept our spirit unchanged after so many years, but adapted to the new demands and challenges of today’s society, optimizing the performance and learning of all our students in both in-person classes and through various platforms like Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc.



New Horizons

Since our beginnings 28 years ago until now, we continue to offer language classes and academic support both at our center in Madrid and in various companies that request our services. For this, we have a team of highly qualified teachers with a strong connection to the students.


Our Goal

We aim to make education not something dull and repetitive but rather something fun, engaging, and personalized for each student and company.
Paz Tapia. Centre's Head